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Monday Mumblings Is Under The Weather

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Too bad, because the weather is lovely.

This, I think, is a combination of stress (see last Monday's post) and a meal that went awry. Saturday night we went out to celebrate my mother's birthday. My brother's band was playing a gig at a restaurant in Ft. Worth. After a horrible construction-related delay we got there late and the service was about the slowest I've seen anywhere. As a result, I didn't get my plate of BBQ until nearly 9 PM. Trouble is, I shouldn't be eating full meals after 8. Between the brisket and multiple birthday cakes, I was stuffed. Meds didn't help much. We had a good time, though. 

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and Chris got me some flowers and a card. I also had a couple of pieces of unwelcome news. The first is something I'm not comfortable sharing, but let's just say it left me gobsmacked and I will be processing it for several days. The second is that someone I know who has been ill is now not expected to make it through the week. I spent last night in Insomnia City.

Planned to take today off. Just rest and recover. Instead, the little bits of cleaning and organizing I've planned have turned into a full-blown attack. I have this pile of crap in the living room from my latest hat making frenzy and the impending Dallas Comic-Con. Turns out tomorrow morning (in theory) the air conditioner folks are going to show up to do part two of the repair that started back over Labor Day. Ah, I thought I'd blogged about that one. Our A/C had been having major issues with keeping the house cool. So Paul called out the repair folks. They discovered a couple of parts broken, one of which had to be ordered. And it seems that in order to test this thing properly the temps need to be in a certain range. I could be wrong, but that's what I gathered. While the repair guy was here, I was frantically typing at my computer (the office was at 95F) with a fan blowing over a bowl of ice water in a feeble attempt to keep the temperature down. I had a deadline I was desperately trying to make. A story was due in literally hours, and I'd just come in from Worldcon and ... yeah. I should have been working on the story earlier. I had. I took it with me to Chicago. Trouble was, I had a brilliant idea at the very last minute and had to rework everything. It made for a far better story.

Anyway, Paul called today to set up an appointment and - surprise! - they'll be out tomorrow morning. The A/C has been generally behaving, but temps have also been in the 70s and 80s lately. Also, the warranty runs out this fall, so we really, really want to get this thing fixed. Also, North Texas has managed to exceed its allotted two weeks of spring, and I expect the afternoon temperatures to climb from "pleasant" to "hotter than Hell" any day now. 

And my pile of crap is blocking access to one of the vents. So I'd better do something about it,eh? It's mostly things to take to Comic-Con for Thursday setup, but they've got to get to the vent. And I really need to dust and vacuum anyway. So there's my day.

So it's back to attacking the living room. I'll be a better person for it, right? 

The phone just rang. It wasn't a phone solicitor, a robocall, or bad news. Things must be looking up. ;-)

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