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Friday, September 19, 2008

I am not sure.

Last night was one hot flash after another. The nasty thing for me about the overnight hot flashes is that I wake up in a sweat and a panic attack after a dream. In the dream I try over and over to accomplish something reasonably simple, yet am blocked at every move. Frustration mounts until I wake up.

The one memorable dream from last night involved attempting to buy food at Sam's Club. One of the items was a single white onion. Well, of course it's a dream: it's impossible to buy a single white onion at Sam's Club. They must be purchased by the bushel. The checker told me I couldn't pay for the onion on my debit card. Why? I'd bought onions before using my debit card. I could pay for the rest of the food on my debit card. What was so special about a single white onion? The manager was called and attempted to explain that I could buy red onions on my debit card, but not white. Why? That's all I wanted to know. She couldn't provide a simple explanation, but offered to buy two white onions with her own cash and give them to me. But I only needed one white onion. The other would go bad. Tough. Take two white onions or none at all, you ingrate. This useless argument went on and on until I woke up in the aforementioned sweat and panic attack.

Yes, there is bit of a root to that onion, I mean, dream. I bought a single white onion at the store yesterday to use for dinner. When I got home I discovered some leftover red onion from the other night and decided to use it in the dinner instead. I'll use the white onion for tonight's dinner. It won't go bad like the second white onion in the dream.

There were other dreams, mostly involving people and situations that have frustrated me on one level or another the past few days. They all got mashed together in barely coherent scenarios. Really. You just thought the onion dream was a mess? Try buying used records and Asian-themed cuckoo clock weights. I don't know where the weights came from, but I did browse used records the other day.

Commerce of sorts seemed to be the theme that tied the odd dreams together. There's a message there somewhere, but danged if I know what it is.

I blogged a lot last Friday, but today I have a deadline looming, which may explain the weights. I'll blog again whien I have the time, but in the meantime, check out the new update at Look What I Found Today!

Thanks for your patronage, and have a good weekend.


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