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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I did sleep better las night, I'll say that. This morning I woke up, took in the quality of the sunlight peeping through the windowshade, and decided that was more sun than we should have at 6 something in the morning. I looked over at the clock and saw it was 7:45. The alarm had gone off, but the sound on the clock radio was down to zero for some reason. Oh, well. that means I slept through the annoying 6 something awakening. Can't argue with that.

Much to do today, but I took the time to run Chris out to Borders. He needs one last book for an Anthropology class. It turns out that three of the texts are standard commercial hardcover books.The college was perpetually waiting on stock, and Borders had a copy. We grabbed it. We also grabbed three calendars for next year. I have never been so organized in my life as to buy calendars in August. Of course, the obvious exception being a 14-month calendar for school, which I always purchased at the last possible minute. So there.

Made a stop at the optometrist's office on the way home and made appointments for our eye exams. I'm on the last pair of contacts, so it's time.

I'm off to bed. The other thing I picked up today was the new Rachel Caine Weather Warden book. I'm conflicted. I need sleep, but her books are hard to put down.

Ah, screw it. I'm going to read.


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