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Here comes the rain!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This was shot from the front porch of the Manor just a few minutes ago:

Lovely Weather We're HavingLovely Weather We're Having Hosted on Zooomr

The good news is that the sun never came out this afternoon, which means that the atmosphere never got the chance to heat up, which means the chances of severe weather have gone down. We're under a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch, but this isn't bad at all. Just lots of much-needed rain.

I did have a bit of a panic a while ago, though. Chris was very late home and his cell phone is out. Of course, I was thinking the worst - especially after the A/C tech called to cancel this afternoon's service call. I looked outdoors and it was dark and windy. And Chris was late. As I spoke with the tech the skies opened up. And yeah, I was getting rather worried about Chris. He'd have called if his phone was working (see below for the tale). About a minute after I hung up the phone he walked in the door doing a pretty good impression of a drowned puppy. The little rug at the patio door is soaked now, but better that than the carpet. Turns out the counselor called him to the office for a quick consult. They're checking up on kids to see if they anticipate any problems with classe. That's good because there are really about two or two and a half weeks of classes left before they start to review for final exams.

Back to the AC: I just can't understand why A/C tech doesn't want to go out in this weather, strip the cowling off of the air conditioner, and inspect it for problems. ;-) I told him to go ahead and reschedule the call. It's not worth it. This is just a seasonal maintenance call. Not worth it.

Back to the phone: Sunday Chris complained that his phone had been restarting apparently randomly, and it got worse rather than better after he updated the firmware. When he turned it on yesterday at lunch it couldn't find service at all. So we went to the Sprint store only to find out they no longer do service. We had to go clear across town, but they'd be glad to set up an appointment so we could get right in.


We drove across town, dropped the phone off, walked to the nearby Borders, then returned to find that the phone was dead and it would cost $55 for a replacement. I've had cell phones since 1989 and this is the first one that ever died. I guess that's a pretty good record. Of course, they didn't have one in stock so the replacement should be in on Thursday. Which means another drive across town.

I did get the new Carole Nelson Douglas Midnight Louie book at Borders, so it wasn't a wasted trip.

Well, the rain has let up, but I see on the radar that more is on the way. Whee!

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