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Where Did The Weekend Go?

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We kind of decided we wouldn't spend the entire weekend home sitting on our tails, but what to do? We went shopping!

You have to understand that for us, shopping generally doesn't entail spending gobs of money - unless we're spending the money on something we actually need. Friday night we walked the aisles at Fry's. I don't know if the A/C was on the fritz or if they were trying to save energy, but the place was just a little too hot. We headed home.

Saturday we headed out to CompUSA. Again, we didn't buy a thing, but the idea of getting out of the house and being somewhere else was a good one. I performed a software upgrade and did a little work, but spent much of the evening watching television and being lazy.

Today we decided to hit the sale at IKEA. We picked up a few little things: a new kitchen knife to replace one with a broken handle, a bed pillow, a few storage boxes for the office, and a pair of lamps for the bedroom. I wouldn't call the lamps a major purchase at $10 each, but we were beyond ready to replace the aging lamps we had. They were part of our first batch of furniture. One had a broken base that we just turned the other direction. The other had a worn out shade, and they both were so huge that they took up half the space on each nightstand. We have separate, high-intensity reading lamps clipped to the headboard, and so we really didn't need large bedside lamps. I hope they work out.

I did a little more work tonight, which wrapped up the bulk of the web project I've been wailing and gnashing teeth over. I just hope it all goes over well.

Back to book and bed. I've had a couple of really good nights of sleep lately, and while it's probably too much to ask for three in a row, I'll certainly give it a shot!


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