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Light! Not An Oncoming Train After All!

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Why yes, things have improved in the last couple of days. Thanks for asking. ;-)

One thing we all thought would take some serious time and effort spontaneously, joyously, cleared up today. Okay, it wasn't so spontaneous, but it certainly felt like it. This was an issue I was trying to help family member with. I won't go into details, but we were kind of feeling powerless to fix it, and it needed to be fixed. Essentially, we discovered the problem had already been fixed ... but it was one of those cases where one hand didn't know what the other was doing, and we were getting slapped by both. (I am being obtuse because I'm trying to protect some family privacy.) 

Anyway, there was MUCH rejoicing, and we celebrated with a trip to a couple of thrift stores. Cheap celebration. The relative spent four bucks and I spent a buck. Hey, we had fun. Really.

Accomplished a lot yesterday and some more while I was home today. I'm finally almost caught up. This makes me a very happy, but tired, camper. I have another project to dig into next week, but I'm going to see what all I can wrap up tomorrow and then try very, very hard to step away from the computer for the weekend. I think I've earned it.

So, what shall I do this weekend? Suggestions?

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