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Whee! It's been a busy week. I'm certainly ready to crash, but I do want to catch up on my blogging because I have a busy weekend ahead.

Spent much time redesigning another web site. I've made progress, but there is still much to do. I've hit a bit of a wall, and perhaps I'll be able to get back to it on Monday. The current deadline is February 1.

I'm in meetings tomorrow, and have spent part of the day prepping for those. Tomorrow is our FenCon kick-off party, and prior to that we have various meetings for staff members. Paul and Chris will be home playing video games.

I ended up volunteering to buy food for the party, so part of today was spent running form one store to another to get the best deals on certain foodstuffs.

Of course, there were other errands to run today. School starts next week and Chris needed books. Generally, he buys them on his own, but the bookstore on campus doesn't take his charge card. No, it's not a bad credit deal, they just don't take the particular card he has. So I went down with him while he purchased some of his books. I ended up with a few office supply-type things because they happened to be cheaper there than the big box store.

We also hit Kohl's while we were out. They had men's socks on sale. I swear, he goes through more socks than Hugh Laurie's Prince Regent. Next thing you know, he'll be telling me about this amazing game he's discovered called "poker."

I picked up a pair of jeans, as I managed to ruin one of my two pairs the other day. Tomrorow's meeting is casual, and I don't want to go in jeans that look like I haven't washed them in a week, even though I did wash them today.

Oh, I'm tired, and it shows in my writing. It's early, but I think I'll wrap up a few things and then hit the sack. I'd like to watch Jay Leno tonight. Hugh Laurie and Band From TV will be on. Hopefully the guys will remember to set the PVR.

Enjoy your weekend!


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