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Thank You, Inconsiderate Jerks

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I was supposed to attend a funeral this afternoon. Instead, I found myself stuck in construction traffic. I could have arrived a few minutes late and sneaked in to the back of the chapel, but thanks to the sheer idiocy of some drivers, traffic was snarled even worse.

Special thanks go to the guy nominally behind the wheel of his SUV, chatting away on his cell phone. Sir, you have turn signals for a reason. Use them. You nearly ran me off the road in almost exactly the same spot where I was run off the road about a year ago by another inconsiderate SUV driver. That was the final straw. I was too upset to sit in traffic any longer.

Extra special thanks to the person with the heart-thumping stereo. I'm sure Jerk #1 was even more distracted and screaming into his cell phone because you just had to entertain your fellow sufferers.

A very non-ironic, heartfelt thanks to the one courteous person who let me make a turn onto the jammed service road. May a flight of angels take your car above your next traffic jam and deposit you safely at your destination.

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