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Well. It's been a long week and I'm ready for bed.

First off, pardon the typos. As I said, I'm ready for bed. Heck, more than ready for bed. I'm trying to stay up as long as I can, though, on the theory that if I fall into bed when dead tired I just might get some sleep.

It's a theory. It may not work. But I'll give it a shot.

It's been a busy week - other than the time I took off when I wasn't feeling well. Most of my time has been spent working on editing some documents. It's a long, hard slog, but I hope the end result is worth it. Yeah, I keep saying that. When I get it all done (if I get it all done) I'll get more specific. Heck, I may need a beta reader or two.

So, you ask: When are you going to get more specific about those vague things?

I have this problem. Call it a superstition if you like. I hate to talk about a project until it's a done deal. Stuff doesn't always materialize. Oh, the joys of freelancing. Not to mention the joys of the publishing biz, which tends to move at a glacial speed.

So what else did you to today, Julie?

I went shopping! Yes, it was nice to get unchained from the computer and go see what was going on in the outside world. I had to do it because Chris really needed more jeans. We ran down the street to Kohl's and found him a couple of pair. Heck, I even found two pair for me on the clearance rack. It's hard to turn down an $8 pair of jeans - especially since I have a couple of pairs that are wearing thin.

After that we went to do the weekend grocery shopping. Fish and chicken seemed to be the themes. I found some good buy one, get one free deals, which helped keep the grocery bill in line.

On the way home Chris happened to mention that the flu is going around.


With all the stuff going on last fall, I never got around to arranging flu shots for the two of us.

Double oops.

I had him call Primacare while I unloaded the groceries. They have the equivalent of call-ahead seating, only they were having a rough Friday and the wait was over three hours. We decided to try the local Minute Clinic. This is a fairly new concept, nestled inside of a drug store. It's staffed by a nurse practitioner who can give vaccinations and write some prescriptions. It's not meant to be a replacement for doctor visits, but they do take insurance and we needed flu shots. Sounded like a deal to me.

Boy, was it a deal. We had to wait a bit (not long, really!), but the insurance covered the entire cost of both shots. If we'd had it done at the grocery store pharmacy we'd have paid $30 a shot.The nurse was very nice. Chris is needlephobic, and she spent a lot of time trying to make him comfortable. I appreciated that. He had to grudgingly admit that this was one of the better shot experiences he's had.

We went to Java & Cha for a cup of coffee and then headed home. I made a crab quiche which took forever to cook. Still, it wasn't bad - especially since the crab meat was on sale.

Man, I live such an exciting life. So why do I have so much trouble sleeping? Age. Hormones. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Oh, yes: The new camera. I spent a bit of time fiddling around with it today, but I had so much else to do that I didn't get to take as many shots as I wanted. I did mange to get one decent cat shot. I plan to shoot some more over the weekend.

On tap for the weekend. Besides sleeping in tomorrow, that is? I need to do my 2008 Challenge shot, now that I have a camera again. I have a meeting to discuss a podcast. Yes, you may yet hear my dulcet (?) tones on the web. Protect your glassware.

Thanks for stopping in, and enjoy your weekend!


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