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Kicking up dust again

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Monday, January 2, 2006

The reoganizing job is like that bunny in the commercials - it just keeps going, and going...

I found a box full of stuff, some of which I'll have to scan and post. I also found a letter from Bill O'Reilly. He used to be the film critic at one of the TV stations in Dallas. I wrote him a letter about something (possibly to thank him for the T-shirt that I won in a contest, which is another story) and he wrote me back a short, cordial note. I was a huge fan of his film reviews. He approached those with the same passion that he does his current job. Too bad I can't agree with his politics.

Also hooked up a different MIDI keyboard to my computer today. It isn't a new keyboard; it's probably twenty years old, but I can't see spending the money on something new just so I can fool around with making sounds and the like.

Spent some time revising a fanfic today. I'd started this oh, a year or longer ago, but it's languished. For those interested, it's a continuation of Peter's saga from Better Then a Shrink and Spiritual Advice. This will fill in some missing pieces between those and Home for the Holidays. It had been a very long time since I'd looked at it, and it's better than I remembered, which is good. But I'm having some trouble resolving the storyline to fit with Home. This is what I get for jumping around as I did.

I also made some small progress on the plot of the novel over the weekend. And I'm still deep in research. Now I just need to start having this stuff pay off!

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