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Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm still not breathing from Saturday night, and I must do housework today. Lovely. The last thing I should do is kick up dust.

Today must be "unsolicited ads" day. First, a "FINAL NOTICE" was left on my door. Yeah, right. If there's a "prepaid" item for me, knock on the freakin' door. I'm home. There's a phone number and "advertisement" in small print. Turns out to be a vacuum cleaner place, according to my Googling. Someone connected to that number has been advertising on Craigslist and other places for "appointment setters." Yeah, like I really want to call that number. I think I'll pass on whatever wonderful "prepaid" goodness awaits me.

Like the Explorer I just won. Well, that's what the caller told me. Apparently I've won it in some scratch-off contest. Just what I need, a gas-guzzler. I told the caller I was on the Do Not Call List (this company has called multiple times before) and reported them. Again.

I'm almost afraid to see what the mail brings.

So Sarah Palin stepped down. She continues to baffle me, even though I gave up trying to understand politicians years ago.

Speaking of baffling conservatives, there was supposedly a "TEA Party" at Southfork this weekend. The organizers say it drew 25,000 (they'd wanted 50), but local law enforcement puts the number much lower. I can't help but wonder if the projected numbers were part of the reason for the (again with that word) baffling traffic routing by the police department Saturday night. There was certainly no traffic to speak of as we drove past Southfork both times Saturday.

Oh, well, enough of the procrastination. Time to get down to laundry and cleaning house.


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