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Monday Mumblings Wakes To A New Year

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We capped off a relaxing week with a busy weekend. I blame it on the weather. Friday and Saturday were absolutely lovely. Paul and I both got bitten by the organizing bug. He redid his tech workbench area, and I attacked one corner of the garage. One corner of the living room was overflowing with fabric for the upcoming projects, and it all needed to be organized. We headed out to Target and each picked up some boxes. Mine had red lids, meaning they were obviously no good now that Christmas was past, so Target had them deeply discounted. Ask me if I care. Now all of the fabric is in sealed bins stashed just beyond the entrance from the utility room. Very handy, indeed. 

So I suppose this is when I'm supposed to be making resolutions and looking forward. 

I don't make resolutions as a rule. When I get the bug to change something, it doesn't need to wait until I flip the calendar, unless there's a scheduling component to the change. The big thing I want to do this year is make it more about "me." I don't mean that as an ego thing, either. I haven't been taking care of myself. The menopausal insomnia is back. I need new shoes. (Seriously. The tennis shoes are shot.) My creativity has gone down the toilet.

So yes, it's all about me, but in a good way. I want to spend more time creating. I need to give myself permission to screw up. I also need to give myself permission to just goof off once in a while. 

I've really, really pushed myself on some projects these last couple or three years, and I didn't realize just how bad it was until one day last week, when I completely lost it over a little thing. No, there was no damage done. ;-) I am grateful that the incident made me step back and reassess things. 

Since this all happened during a supposed holiday, I dropped everything I was doing and decided to enjoy the holiday rather than push myself to do more crap. 

This doesn't mean that I'm backing out of any commitments. I think one thing that's been happening is that I've been pushing and pushing so hard to please people and get things done that I stopped actually being able to get things done. Instead of stepping back I kept pushing. That was so wrong. 

So here I am, up later than I'd planned, but feeling tired. Think I'll try to get some sleep. I should say that I stayed up for a couple of good causes, and maybe I'll be up to blogging about those in the next couple of days. Now it's off to bed.

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