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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wow, I'm glad Trevor didn't issue a photo challenge for this month. I tweaked a knee last week and recovery has been slow. I'm shooting pics tomorrow night, weather permitting, and I really need the knee to be working. I did shoot a community picture this week, but haven't felt up to processing it, nor have I had the time. I'm about to get off of it and head off to bed, even though it's not even 9:00 yet. I'm not ready to sleep, but I have plenty to read.

I'm rereading The Five Red Herrings, a Lord Peter mystery. This particular book is a bit tough for me to slog through, as it's a railway timetable mystery. One not only has to have a really good grasp of the geography (and the teensy map in the paperback edition is of little help - it's probably very readable in a trade paper or hardcover edition) but it helps to know how the railroads ran in 1930 or so. There's also a good deal of Scots brogue to twist the mind around. And yet the narrative bits are wonderful, ranging from detailed, loving descriptions of the terrain to varying styles used to dig into the minds of various characters. Those bits are a treat to read.

Yes, I've been rereading a lot lately. I plan to pick up more books this weekend.

Well, bowling was interesting yesterday. Even with the tweaked knee, I'm bowling. It's probably not very good for me, but I rationalize it by saying that it's my right knee that's bothering me and most of the weight goes on the left leg when I slide. Of course, it's true. I can limp down the approach and still throw a halfway decent ball. Last night I shot a 547. We won't talk about the morning league.

Note to idiot phone solicitor: It's the height of rudeness to call, let someone answer on the third ring, say "hello" twice, then hang up. I've had more hangups this week. One got partway into the first sentence and cut off. A hell of a lot of good the Do Not Call list is doing.

Tuesday was the eye exam. I had the new Optomap retinal imaging done. They did find something a little odd, but the doctor says it's something that's pretty common in very nearsighted folks like me. It's not harmful, but it bears watching. Everything else was fine. Spent half an hour getting new glasses fitted. Such a joy. The new insurance pays for glasses, but only from a select range. The range isn't bad, but the pair I choose will take some getting used to. I only wear them one day a week of that much, so I don't need fancy designer frames. I'd rather put my money into contact lenses.

Next, it was off to Kohl's for a couple of new tops. I finally found two that I could live with. Picked up a couple of inexpensive pairs of jeans yesterday. The zipper on one pair started to act up the other day, which tells me it's time.

Today Chris and I went out to see my mom and do some computer-type things. She was having trouble with her password on a couple of web sites, and my sister was having some issues with her computer. Got most of it fixed, I think.

Oh, and I did work too - got all of my portfolio pictures mounted and in the book. Sigh. Clearly, I have a pitifal portfolio. Need more pictures. That's part of the reason behind the shoot this weekend.

Better get off my knee and get some rest. Don't know if I'll have the chance to get online until Monday, so I'll wish all of you a good weekend. If you're in the midsection of the country, don't blow away.


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