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Various and sundry bits this morning. It's been a busy week, and I've got a lot on tap for today yet.

More thoughts on the Mogul: So far I have very few complaints. The two major ones are lack of Terminal Services (I can add a third-party app to fix that) and the new version of Media Player. The latter may just take a little getting used to. I seem to be missing some controls like next/previous track.For my next trick I plan to set up an Orb account so I can stream music and TV to my phone. Yes, just because I can. I am SO shallow sometimes.

The WIPs are proceeding. The two looming deadlines are a script for the Texas Radio Theatre company and a short story for an anthology. Gotta get cracking on those. Still plotting out stuff for the two books.

And in the midst of it all, work for Fencon is heating up. I may need to plan a break for October.

Our little bit of excitement yesterday was the big explosion at an industrial gas distributor near downtown Dallas. Thankfully, only three people were injured. Traffic was snarled for hours, though. The plant was near a couple of major freeways, and those got shut down for several hours. Glad that didn't happen a couple of weeks ago at the RWA, though this week is the Mary Kay convention. Wonder if they evacuated in pink Cadillacs?

One more thing before I run along: McAfee's phising quiz. Some of those spoofed sites are hard to spot.

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