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Finally, Friday

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Got the family business out of the way, and it went better than anyone dreamed. I won't bore you with all the details, but I will say that someone who was quite ill just a few weeks ago has made remarkable progress - so much that her doctors were pleasantly surprised. Last week she could barely make it across the room; yesterday she had her most active day in months. What a feeling of relief!

So now it's back to DIY. The bedroom curtains and shade are up. I hope to finish the living room valance today and get the bathroom shelving up if I have the time. That will just about take care of my projects.

The other big thing on the list today is clothing shopping. This weekend is the annual sales tax holiday. Not everything is exempt; it's mostly clothing. The idea is to provide a little relief for back-to-school shopping. The local stores use it as an opportunity to roll out some great bargains - even on non-exempt merchandise. I was hoping to update my own wardrobe this weekend, but I think I'll just have to settle for a new top. I've lost eleven pounds since Monday, but the Cramp Fairy and her friend the Bloat Monster have settled in. My true weight loss will be more apparent in another week. I'm one of those women who put on up to five pounds a month. I hate it, but I know the gain is only temporary. OTOH, I'm comfortably wearing a smaller T-shirt today, and my jeans aren't burst-the-snap tight as they would be at this time of the month, so I can tell I've made some progress.

The Wikipedia disemvoweling war continues. I'm going to take a stab at rewriting the article next week. Wish me luck. I'll probably set off another round of the flamewar.

Here's an update on the spam I got from a writer's web site last week: The site is down. There were allegations that some of the material was plagiarized. I didn't go beyond the first page because frankly the site held no interest for me. Deep down I suspect that the site owner was more clueless than criminal.

Well, I've got a picture to post and then I must get busy sewing before the heat sets in. Hopefully Feline Friday will be up later today. Don't forget that Carly is hosting this week.

As usual, thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend!

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