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Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm enjoying a companionable silence this morning. Paul is downtown serving municipal jury duty. Chris is in school. I'm mainlining coffee.

Feeling a tad better this morning, despite the fact that I ended up doing some cleaning in the kitchen. Oh, it's the old story: Girl makes loaf of bread, girl notices that spices put out to dry are ready to crush and store and decides to take care of that while bread is kneading. Girl can't find container for the rosemary, at which point she pulls everything out of the cabinet, fills a small trash bag full of outdated stuff, relines the shelves, and puts everything back. Girl scrubs kitchen counter and stove top. Girl collapses to watch the end of the football game, then realizes it's time to start the oven to bake bread. Girl discovers the bread failed to rise. Girl says to hell with it and bakes bread anyway.

And yes, the container for rosemary was found, cleaned, and partially filled with yummy, fragrant herb.

Paul finally got Chris' car running this weekend. The latest delay involved tracking down a special socket, which arrived via UPS Thursday after having been delivered to the local hub then inexplicably sent back to the airport. The special socket enabled him to get to some hidden depths of the engine and make an adjustment, and now the car seems to run just fine. (This is after he replaced a sensor and a shredded timing belt.) He replaced the front tires and got the front end aligned, and now Chris has a car again!

Watching gas prices fall at the neighborhood pumps. Prices are all over the place, ranging from $2.15 to $2.79.

Must get some work done today. No big projects on the plate today, which means I get to spend time catching up on a host of little things that have been begging for attention. It's sad. They're all here on the desk shouting, "me! Me! Pick me!"


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