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Monday mumblings

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Monday, January 9, 2006

Back in the saddle. Or insert your own crappy cliché here.

Yes, it's Monday once again, boys and girls. Slept crooked again last night, and if it was possible for a shoulder to scream in agony, mine would be doing its best Ensign Chekov impression. The pain, the pain.

Sorry, I'm mixing my SF TV metaphors there. Must. Have. More. Coffee.

Spent part of the weekend doing housecleaning, even though I'd made the decision to try and relax. Ha. I decided that it was time to swap out the clock radio/telephone combination for something that worked better. Of course, it's just not a matter of unplugging one thing and pulling in the new item. Oh, no. That would be too easy. But now I have the new items in place and woke up this morning to a CD rather than morning radio. That was kind of cool.

On tap for today: The same as Friday, but without the margaritas. One more photo (I'll save that for a separate entry) and then it's off to work.

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