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If you saw the previous entry, then you noticed that I cleaned my desk. It was all part of a cunning plan, only partly prompted by the Weekend Assignment.

I picked up a day after Christmas present for myself. It wasn't on sale, but it was something I really needed: a new USB hub. The old one would sort of throw errors and stop working every time I plugged in a new device. It shouldn't have done that because it was powered and only had three very low-power devices plugged in. Anyway, I figured that with this new tablet I'd need a reliable hub. I picked up a Kensington dome, which is weighted so it doesn't move around so easily on the desk. Plus, it came with a free USB light. All that for under $20 seemed like a good deal. I can use the light on my laptop. I was propped up in bed last night, listening to music and trying to write in the dark. The writing bit wasn't working very well since I couldn't see the keys. The light is not terribly bright, but it'll work. Besides, what should I expect for free?

Anyway, this meant attacking the area under the desk. *Shudder.* No matter what tools I use to keep cords untangled, they still end up like spaghetti. Sigh. So this was my semi-annual cord untangling ritual, combined with making sure each cord plugged in somewhere terminated in a device. Or at least a connection I know I use on a regular basis. Everything matched up. Amazing. I usually end up with one orphan power supply.

Of course, after I plugged everything back in, the scanner complained about lacking a driver. I had to go spend half an hour searching for the solution to THAT problem. It's easy, but since it only rears its ugly head every six months to a year, it's not something I remember. I think I'll print off a copy of the procedure and slip it under the scanner. Of course, then I'll forget I put it there! ;-)

I still have a mess to tame between the two displays, but the desk certainly looks better. Betting is open on how long it will last.

Have a good weekend, and thanks for dropping in!


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