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Oops, missed a day

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Friday, August 25, 2006

But it was all in a good cause ... I think. At least I'll know when the money rolls in on the flatbed trucks. [/sarcasm]

Yep, it's cloak time again. I spent yesterday moving furniture, cleaning, washing fabric, and cutting. Like Marvin, all the diodes down my left side ache. But I got four cloaks cut out and have the fabric for three more prepped and ready to cut. Oh, and I found some lovely lace yesterday. I'm going to try to get a picture of that up in the Cloaks section later today.

And I did all that on about half power. I think I was run over by a freight train on Wednesday night. Yes, a team of dedicated workers diverted the tracks to my house so the train could run right over my bed. I feel special. Not really.

Oh, and thanks for the nice comments on the RR this week. I need to make another round and see that I've visited everyone. I managed to make the visits on Wednesday instead of Thursday this week, so I know I missed some folks. Can't let that happen! (Wednesdays are usually my busy day of the week.)

This will be quick. Perhaps I'll have more this afternoon - and hopefully a kitty shot for Feline Friday. I've got lots to do today: Laundry, three cloaks to cut, work for a client, invoicing (gotta get it in the system so it can wend its way past various folks and hopefully get to accounting before the holiday weekend. Okay, a girl can dream ...), and an hour out for the Coffee Gang. This is something I've let slip, much to my consternation. I should be making time for this. It's therapy.

If I don't get back for another post today, enjoy your weekend. And as always, thanks for visiting.


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