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Friday, April 3, 2009

Well, I'm waiting for the guys to finish hooking up AV gear so we can watch the Friday night shows. Such as they are. ;-)

What a week! Of course, there was the incredible high of the QL convention, then I had to come back to the mundane world. And it's been one of those weeks where things have gone crazy. The DVD recorder died on Monday. The guys are hooking up the new one now. We got a pretty good deal on a new one. I just hope it works.

Last week we had some very high winds, and the patio umbrella broke. I replaced that this morning and also purchased a new stand. I hope that will keep the umbrella in place next time. I also bought plants for the patio today. Got everything except the habanero pappers. They won't be out for a few weeks yet.

Did lots of laundry.

I think I'm just about caught up, and I'm so tired I ought to sleep for a change. We'll see.

Oooh. I hear TV noises. Maybe they have everything together.

Enjoy your weekend!


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