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Of Hair Dryers and Kebabs

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Feeling better this morning, thanks.

Or at least I was, until my hair dryer decided that it only wanted to put out a lukewarm stream of air. I blamed all the problems with getting my hair thoroughly dry over the last few days with the excess humidity, but this morning it was plain that the dryer just wasn't up to spewing out hot air. (Insert a political quip here, if it pleases you.)

Fortunately, my straightening iron has a setting that dries damp hair. I don't mind using that iron with barely damp hair as it works better than with dry hair, but this was really damp. It was enough to get my hair dry, though.

Yes, I have a hair straightener. I'm not vain, but there are times I need to look like I at least tried to do something with this unruly mess on my head. It came in handy this morning, that's for sure.

So where do kebabs come in? We decided to do a little something different for lunch today. We went to a little hole in the wall place downtown called Sheik's. The owners are Lebanese, and they have a wonderful selection of Middle Eastern dishes. We were in the mood for a good kebab, and they didn't disappoint.

We stopped at Wallgreen's on the way back to replace the hair dryer. If it had been summer I wouldn't have even worried about it, but I hate going around with a damp head at this time of year, especially since I'm recovering from the crud.

I'm going to do a little virtual housekeeping today. Shouldn't be too taxing.

Again, have a great Christmas!


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