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Hanging out with P.N Elrod; Pics From the Book Nook

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I spent part of today hanging out with the amazing P. N. Elrod. Pat and I go way back - all the way to college.She and I and Teresa Patterson started a fanzine back in those days.The less said about it the better, perhaps. Except I will say that it appears to be one of the first - if not the first - fanzine produced on a computer. We used punch cards. Did I just date myself, or what?

Anyway, Pat and I went shopping today. What did I buy? Nada. I was just glad to hang out with Pat and chew the proverbial fat.

She did, however, give ME something, which means it's finally time to show some pictures of the new book/reading nook I'm putting together in the bedroom. The space has a mostly Sherlockian theme:


And here is the gift from Pat. Check out that plate!


There's also text from "The Sign of Four" on the back. Very cool. It's hard to tell, but the writing along the edge of the plate is abbreviations of each of the stories and novels. The thing is just made of awesome.

One more picture:


Pardon the quality, here. This is a lobby card from a Mexican release of "The Seven Percent Solution." I don't remember where I found it, but now it has a place on the wall.

I'm ready to give it up for the night. Tomorrow is a planned day off, so I may or may not make an update. There will probably be activity on the Twitter stream, though. Check the blog bling on the right for info on how to access the Twitter stream.

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