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Bad air days

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Well, I'd hoped to get some stuff up for the Nostalgia section today, but instead I found myself trying without success to catch up on some sleep. I had mild asthma attacks both Monday and Tuesday nights, which meant I wasn't able to get much sleep. Yesterday I tried to nap but events conspired against me. Last night - yep, another attack. I was caught out without my inhaler and had to have some coffee, so no sleep for me. And once again my attempts at a nap were interrupted by the phone and noisy neighbors.

Perhaps tonight. But I'm not counting on it.

On the other hand, I got a start on a short story last night. That felt good and I hope I'll be able to finish it. Did some more research as well last night. This may turn out to be one of those situations where the amount of time I spend researching outweighs what I put into the final product - if I get the job - but that's why I get work. I'm known for doing the necessary research. (So if you need a good copywriter, hint, hint!)

My desk is still clean, save for a box of ephemra that has the stuff I was hoping to get to today. Perhaps this evening I'll work on it.

Chris is out at a Magic tournament tonight. I'm glad for him to get out of the house and do something with other kids. He hangs out with is friends online and on Xbox Live, but not in person except at school. Kids today. Of course, I didn't get out a whole lot when I was his age, either. I recall that this was about the age when I started go attend science fiction conventions. Of course, Chris has been going to the things since he was two weeks old. So I suppose card tournaments may be his outlet. That's okay.

This afternoon we went up to McKinney for lunch, then off on a quest to find a tractor we'd seen eariler this year out in the country. Thought it might make a great photo. Unfortunately it wasn't as cool as we'd remembered. Then we went by Best Buy for a new Xbox game that was supposed to come out today. Seems the launch of the game has been delayed by at least a day. Grr. I know the guys were looking forward to it.

Guess I will go back through that magazine and see if I can find something interesting to post. If I do, I'll make note here.

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