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Monday Mumblings

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Thanks to everyone who attended Love is On The Air. I get the impression that the production raised a fair amount for the GLCT scholarship fund.

Now it's back to the grind. But first I hope to take a bit of time to get my lungs back in shape. All these changes in the weather have not been good. I croaked my way through Friday's performance. Saturday I drank lots of hot liquids and medicated my throat. That helped. And finally, I got some laughs the last couple of shows. We had good crowds all weekend, and yesterday's was very enthusiastic at the end. I'm the last name on the credits (because I'm the announcer and list everyone else first). By the time we get to my name the attitude is "yeah, we can stop clapping now." Last night there was more applause and a couple of "whoops" from the audience. It was my Sally Field moment. They like me! On the other hand, my low self-esteem is telling me that someone was standing behind me, prompting the extra applause from the crowd. That was probably it.

At any rate, I'm just glad it's over.

More rain today. I took some pictures on the way to school but I'm not sure whether or not they came out. I'll have to take a look at them a bit later. For my first trick I have to catch up with laundry. I've got piles of dirty clothes everywhere, plus the two table covers we used in the play. I can do the table covers any time, but it might be nice to have clean clothes to wear this week.

I've got a little work for a client to do today, but then I intend to get a little rest before my lungs force me to get some. I'm kind of feeling like if I don't slow down then I WILL be in bed for a couple of days later this week. Things will be getting busy again about that time, so I guess I'd better take a break now.

If I have any good rain pictures I'll make another post after while. Oh, and I do need to visit the RRs yet. I'm not ignoring you guys, really. I've just been too dang swamped.

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