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Just a little procrastination before I dig in to cleaning the desk. I've been putting this task off al weekend, but I really, really need to get it done so I'll have room to spread out some books while I work on the next project.

We had a very relaxed, laid-back weekend. Just the thing I needed. Went up to the Londoner in McKinney for lunch on Saturday. They have their full liquor license back, so we were able to enjoy a Boddingtons with our meal.

Spent much of the rest of the weekend catching up with a few things. My big project yesterday was to migrate the DFW Fandom History project to Drupal 5.2. Geeky stuff, but the upgrade closed some nasty security holes.

The other little project was to install a new mouse. I go through mice and keyboards at an astounding rate. It's not like I'm hard on them, it's just that they get a lot of use. Anyway, the last mouse started eating batteries. A set lasted just 2-3 days rather than 3-6 months. Not good.

Enough procrastination. Time to get down and dirty with cleaning.

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