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Monday mumblings Shops 'Till It Drops

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Well, I tried to do it, anyway. I sort of had this hope that, if I walked through the store for long enough I might just exhaust myself enough to sleep through the night. Didn't work, but my legs are certainly sore. And I came home with a plain white T-shirt. But hey, now I have one that's free of spaghetti sauce stains!

Also picked Chris up from the airport yesterday. He walked off the plane with a third place trophy that was awarded to his Improv team. And yeah, the kid is pretty far gone today. I shouldn't be surprised.

Last year when Chris took off to Knoxville I decided to take the week off. It didn't work out well at all. I spend the entire week putting out virtual fires. This time, I decided to be a little more low-key about taking the week off. That didn't work out, either. Instead, I dug in and got some work done. I have darn near everything for SoonerCon ready to go. Last bit of business is shopping for the FenCon party, which I hope to do tomorrow. Today I finished mounting my art and got it packed up for the trip. Scripts and posters for the radio show are finished and printed. 

My goodness! What got into me? 

It would be nice to have a relaxing week leading up to a big convention, but I'm not holding my breath just yet.

On the other hand, with some of the major stress producers out of the way, maybe I will get some sleep. That would be nice. It's also nice to have a holiday that is NOT spent busting my tail while everyone else chills out playing video games. Well, I do have laundry today, but that's typical for a Monday.

I'm going to go off and enjoy the afternoon. 

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