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Okay, So the Job Has Perks!

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Last night I voiced one of my major frustrations with working at home. Today, one of the perks.

I am parked on the patio with the laptop and a libation. Working. Doing what, you may well ask? Research on novel #2, I answer with absolute truth. I need to pore through books and make notes. Why not go outdoors and enjoy the day? Yes, it's windy and cool enough that I am wearing a sweater, but it is quite pleasant. My papers are bound in a notebook and the books are (but of course!) bound volumes, so I plan to work away for at least the next hour until Chris arrives from school. At that point he is more than welcome to join me.

Another perk I've mentioned frequently is the ability to shop during off-peak hours. My chromosones scream, "woman!" yet I hate to shop. Perhaps "picking up provisions" would be a better term. First stop was Sam's Club. No, that was the second stop. The Salvation Army opened a large store across the street, and so I dropped in. Paul is putting together a hall costume for a convention we'll be attending, and we prefer to pick up items on the cheap if we can. Besides, one article of clothing may be best if it's not brand new.

I struck out at the Salvation Army. Went across the street to Sam's to renew my membership and pick up mass quantities of food that I can easily freeze or store. I'm not cheap. I'm thrifty! (This reminds me that I do need to finish work in the garage so I can plug in a fridge we've inherited. More food storage space. Buy in bulk! Save!) I also found a good deal on a chair mat for the office. Mine has not only started to crack, but large chunks have broken off. I got a better deal there than I would have at the big box office store with my $10 coupon. Yes, I'm thrifty. I'll save the coupon for my next ink purchase. Between it and the recycling coupons, I can save big on the stuff.

One thing struck me as interesting when I left the parking lot. This place was busy (though not as busy as it would get later in the day), but there was only one stray cart in the parking lot. I don't know if I just showed up at the wrong time, or if there's a different sort of folk who shop there during the day, but it was nice not to see the few empty parking spaces in the lot full of carts. This goes double on a windy day, when those carts can take off and slam into cars.

I've purchased provisions. I've dropped my donation off at the thrift store, and I'm back home and ready to work. This should be some fun research.


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