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Monday, December 29, 2008

Just a short note to let you know I"m still among the living, but certainly enjoying a little time off.

A couple of publishing-related links of interest:

Authors Want Copyright Law Amended to Abrogate First Sale Rule. (Dear Author)

Trouble at a POD publisher
? Oh, my.

At Writer Beware: Letter to a Desperate Author. (Oops. I linked that the other day, but the comments since then have been interesting, so it's worth re-linking.)

And non-publishing related, but what the hey:

Visiting family warps your brain, study says. Provocative headline, but an interesting article. Really

Dallas Morning News names Dallas DA Craig Watkins as Texan of the Year. And as usual, the racist comments are stunning. Watkins, who happens to be black, set up a special unit to review death penalty convictions. So far he's had something like nineteen convictions overturned. If you do the crime, you pay the penalty, but justice also means that the innocent should go free. Is he perfect? No. TDNM doesn't recognize perfection. (Shoot, they named W as Texan of the Year once.) But they're looking for someone - for better or worse - shaped the lives of Texans in the past year. Watkins fits that description, and for the most part, I'd say "better" prevails.

Alrightly. It's late and I'm going to go chill out some more. That's what time off is for, right?


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