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Greetings from the land of rewrites. This is slow going. In addition to making the requested changes, I'm also looking for (and finding) other issues.

The telephone has been blessedly quiet today, even though we're just a few days away from an election. Just one political call today, and the machine took it while I was out. I strongly resent the fact that political phone calls are exempt from nearly every phone solicitation rule. They should be required to transmit Caller ID information.

Yes, I took off for a little while to buy books and recharge my batteries. Chris and I drove out to the B&N at Firewheel. We'd never been out to that shopping center before, so it made for a change. I wanted to pick up John Scalzi's Android's Dream and while we were there we grabbed the latest edition of Make magazine and decided to get a cup of coffee.

We had the worst service we have ever had at a Starbucks. Generally, service at Starbucks is good. There are a couple that we visit on a regular basis and some of the staff recognize us and know what we like. The kid at the register at this one kept trying to upsell us on every little thing and then the barista got the order wrong. I asked for a tall mocha and Chris asked for a regular cup of coffee. I had my head buried in Make reading about the automatic bird feeder photography gadget, and when the order arrived it was black coffee. Chris told me later that they asked me three times if I wanted whipped cream. I thought they were asking him. A mocha comes with whipped cream unless the customer requests otherwise. I usually drink my coffee black, and a Starbucks mocha is a treat. When she handed me the cup and said "mocha," I assumed I was getting what I ordered. That's when Chris told me that they were asking ME if I wanted whipped cream. When we got out to the car I noticed they'd written COD (for Coffee of the Day) on the cup. I should have said something, I know. By that time I was kind of fed up because it seemed like no one knew what they were doing.

And the bottom of the cup was full of coffee grounds.

I just wanted to sit here at my desk, sip my mocha, and work on rewrites. Now I'm all stressed. Oh, I'll keep banging away, at least for another 20 minutes when I need to stop and get busy with dinner.

So there ya go. My mocha nightmare.

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