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Long day

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

...and it's only 11!

Back to fighting database issues. But to be honest it gave me such a headache that I gave up. At least I managed to straighten out some of the problems on the web site. Local issues have yet to be conquered, but now that I have a clue (thanks to the fixes that worked on the site) I can start on that. But not now.

I need to go get a tire replaced, but that will probably have to wait until tomorrow. To put it rather delicately, this is a "stay close to home" day. I think I picked up a bit of a bug in Austin. To be fair, I probably picked it up here and it hit me full-force once I got back home. That may be one reason I slept so much over the weekend. Seriously. Hotel beds and I do not get along, yet I went to bed earlyish on Friday and slept right through the night. That NEVER happens on the road.

Oh, yes: The tire. Yesterday at the Post Office I noticed that the rear tire on the passenger side was very low. I found a piece of metal about the thickness of a large paper clip piercing the tread. Of course, it appears that it's just outside of the fixable area of the tire, near the sidewall. The tire should be replaced anyway. I'm guessing we picked it up in south Dallas on Sunday on the way home, which means we put a few miles on it after the puncture. It never got completely flat, but the sidewall doesn't look to be in the best shape. Chris helped me change the tire after school, so it's not as though I'm driving around with a slow leak. Heck, I may even wait until Thursday when Chris is out of town. He'll need the car to run errands for a couple of days.

And that reminds me that I need to pick up a couple of packs of E-alkalines for the camera he's taking. He won't keep batteries charged. It's only a four-day trip, so two packs should do the job. If not, he knows how to buy batteries.

As I mentioned last week I lost the working version of the CatCam gadget. Oops. I've got a start back on it, and I suppose I'll toy with it today.

Best get moving. Literally. No, not THAT literally. My muscles are starting to ache from sitting here all morning. I need to move around.

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