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Post-turkey crash

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Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. "Julie" and "control" are not normally two words used in a positive manner in the same sentence. "Julie has lost it and is completely out of control," is the normal state at the Manor. This is why yesterday was such a pleasant experience. Almost everything went according to plan.

Note yesterday's entry for the plan.

Got up, gave the oven the bird put the turkey in the oven, and went back to bed for an hour. I didn't sleep, but it felt good to just to be decadent for an hour. Got dressed, checked on the bird, then took a little time to go through the Black Friday ads with a cup of coffee. Did the last-minute vaccuming before I grabbed a shower. Then it was time to get busy.

The only glitch in the day was that one relative got confused on the time that another relative was supposed to pick her up and was ready to go about an hour and a half early and couldn't figure out why her ride hadn't arrived. We explained she had the time wrong. That's completely different then, never mind.

There were, as always, a few anxious moments of trying to keep the breast from getting overdone while the thigh finished. And the gravy just wouldn't thicken until the very last second. If that's the worst thing that happens to Thanksgiving dinner, then I'm happy.

Once again I managed to keep up with the cleaning - starting one load of dishes just as we sat down to eat. Normally when I cook a large meal like this, the guys get to clean while I get off my feet. Since this was the dinner with Paul's relatives, I didn't feel right making him clean when he could be spending time with his family.

The real fun for me was watching his mom watch the game. She was having a blast. She'd never really seen anything in HD before, either.

We were to stuffed to even think about dinner last night. I think I'm going to have to go back on Phase 1 of the diet before the Christmas eating season starts. But this is not the time to think about it. Turkey sandwiches for lunch, and dinner with my side of the family tomorrow!

Before you ask, no, there's no reason other than logistics and space that we don't get everyone together at the same time. Between work and playing "who has the kids this holiday," this has turned out to be the best arrangement.

Slept in this morning. No early Black Friday for me. I did that one year because there was some Pokemon giveaway that Chris was dying to have. I made him get up with me and go to the store. It was freezing, and the giveaway turned out to be terribly disappointing. Lesson learned - by both mom and the kid. I may go to one department store in the next couple of hours. They've got some coats on sale. My "new" winter coat is fifteen years old and could stand to be replaced. It's difficult to wear out a winter coat in this part of the country. Obviously I want something that's got a classic design, so we'll see what they've got in stock. If they're out, I can hold out until the next big round of sales in January. There's one item Chris wants, but it's on sale all weekend. He's been wanting a decent set of Prismacolor pencils but just can't bring himself to spend the money. One of the art supply stores is having a sale this weekend. I may hit that store today because I also need a pack or large size tracing paper for a project. If I buy the two items at once today I can use a coupon and get a few bucks off. I'm no fool. Then I may hit the housewares store in the same strip shopping center for that new coffee maker. But if I don't make it, I'm not going to cry.

I'm a real bargain hunter, but I absolutely hate the crowds at this time of year. Since I work from home I can hit the stores at off-peak times.

Enjoy your weekend, whether your shopping, hanging out with relatives, or just hanging out. Hopefully I'll be back with a Feline Friday post later today.

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