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It's been Hell Week here at the manor.

In the "If it's August, there must be another health scare," department: I spent yesterday afternoon assuming the position at the GYN's office for a high-tech test. Looks like everything is okay. The only lingering effect seems to be some pain. That should be gone in a couple of days. Other than that, it was oddly like an episode of House in that I saw most of the procedure via a monitor. That was terribly disconcerting!

Aged Relative got her discharge from the wound doctor yesterday. There was much rejoicing.

Since I wasn't up to a lot of activity today I spent most of the day redoing the Cloaks area. I've now got a nifty little shopping cart. Oh, I can tell you're impressed. ;-)

The heat is back today. We hit the century mark briefly, but now we've got more rain on the way. Again, much rejoicing. It's almost too hot to sew.

Paul just walked in - this means that the three-day weekend is on! For my last act I'll get Feline Friday posted, and then I'm outta here. Have a good one!

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