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Bring Me The Head of Honoria Glossop!

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That sounds like it should come from a round of Wodehouse film titles in I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue. Actually, the explanation is this:


I have in my possession an old, persnickety dress form. I dubbed it "Honoria Glossop," because she's stubborn and will bend to the will of no seamstress. Back when I was selling cloaks I used Honoria as a model, and added a foam wig head for showing the cloak hoods.

I needed to do a little reshaping on the vintage hat I picked up last week, hence all the pins. I'll eventually tack it down with thread, but I'd rather get some of the shape back first if I can.

Presently Honoria's head overlooks my writing nook, which I hope to show off tomorrow. I've been giving it a makeover.

Speaking of finds, the typewriter adventures continued today. I purchased a ribbon at the big box office supply store. Of course, it doesn't fit the existing spools, so I had to wind it by hand. I have a friend who works for a large, locally-owned office supply here in town, and I'm going to butt heads with him on ribbons. But they're closed on weekends, and I wanted to try this thing out! After I changed the ribbon I made some "booties" for the rubber feet, which have become hard with age. I'd like to find some replacement feet, but this at least keeps desks and tables clean. My next trick was to sew up a cover. After all this work I don't want it to get coated in dust. I do not want to repeat my adventures with the Model 17. So it's all covered and footied and transported to the writing nook. Yes, pictures tomorrow. Ping me if I don't get them posted, please.
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