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Monday Mumblings Brings The Plants In

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Monday, November 28, 2011

I think we're officially into our two weeks of fall. We had our first freeze of the season last night. Tomorrow night we're looking at the mid 20's. 

Thanksgiving was wonderful, thank you. As noted, I spent some time cleaning over the weekend. Also acquired new fabric. There will be Steampuky stuff for sale at the Steam Cat very soon, I hope. For someone who had a case of needtogetoffofmyassissitis, I was pretty busy, though I didn't accomplish much. I tried to source some fabric for a cloak order. Step one was to check the stash and discover I didn't have the correct fabric in all that mess. Step two will be to visit the fabric supplier. Not the retail store where everything is laid out in neat aisles. Oh, no. I get to visit the warehouses that are decidedly lacking in climate control, where you have to dig through piles of bolts to find what you need. But I can get high quality fabric for far less than retail, which is good.

Spent part of yesterday on plotting a story. My novel projects got placed way on the back burner. Now they're up to the middle. Yes, they should be on front, but right now I need to get the Steam Cat store up and running and take care of some other freelance work that's on the way in. I was approached to do a little freelance copyediting/proofing work a couple of weeks ago, and they'll be sending the first batch along shortly. Blogging may be sporadic. It's unusual that I have actual freelance work after Thanksgiving. No, I'm not complaining.

Well, I've nattered enough tonight. Time to go watch House and then spend a bit of time on some projects for Steam Cat. Or maybe I'll just go read. I've just discovered a book I've been dying to read is now out. And yes, it fits right in with the time period I've been researching, my Sherlock mania, and everything. This could be fun.

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