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I spent the weekend away from the computer. As a matter of fact, that is a news flash. I decided it was time to drop everything and see how other human beings spend their weekends.

It was fun!

Friday night we went out for Tex-Mex. Our favorite eatery has an outpost near where Chris spent his Friday, so he joined us for dinner.

Paul and I had Saturday to ourselves as Chris was back out at the state Destination Imagination tournament. More on that later. Paul and I had a nice lunch, then went shopping - for plants. We got 'em in the ground before the rain hit. Then we enjoyed a fun dinner in front of the TV as we watched the new Doctor Who on BBC America.

Later, Chris walked through the door with a large trophy. His team ended up in third place - out of three teams - but it means they get to go to Global finals next month to compete. He's never had the opportunity to go, so it should be fun. Yay for him.

But what about that new Doctor? I think I'm gonna like Matt Smith. He's no David Tennant, but Tennant was no Christopher Eccleston. And that's a compliment to all of them. Each brought his own stamp to the character, which is the way it should be. Yet, they all have that certain energy that defines The Doctor.

So, Sunday. A whole lot of nothing, followed by some shopping for this weekend's FenCon party at Conestoga, followed by a lot more of nothing.

And yes, it felt good. I really needed to step away from the computer and stop worrying about all the things I can't fix on my own.

So today I tried to fix a few things - and succeeded. I also had to send out a Letter of Abject Apology tonight. Apparently an e-mail I sent to someone didn't reach its destination. I have it in my Sent folder and the address is correct, so it either got caught in a spam folder somewhere or barfed up by the intertubes. But it was kind of an important e-mail. Why is it all the ads for pills get through and the legit stuff doesn't? It's not something I can fix, but I can certainly apologize for any misunderstandings caused by the letter not getting delivered. So I did. And I hope the apology is accepted.

Well, it's late and I suppose it might be a good thing if I got some sleep. What a concept.

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