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Dog Kennels? Pet Department, Second Floor

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Of course, I meant a mattress. Now everyone, into the tea chest and sing!

We decided that a new one just might help our sleep issues. And when I went to look for the paperwork on the existing mattress, it wasn't there, which means the warranty was out, which means it's been at least ten years. My, how time flies.

We had a few places in mind and decided to start at the northernmost storefront and work our way back in the direction of the house. We entered the first place of business and were stunned at the prices.

Well, yes, I did remember what I paid for the last one, and I also remembered that we hadn't bought box springs. We'd decided to get the whole shebang this time around. The choices were dizzying. Before it was pillow top or none. Now, it's pillow top, memory foam, latex, individually-wrapped coils, adjustable air beds, adjustable bed frames, and any combination of those you might desire. You need a firm and your partner needs a soft? No problem? Get the mattress that's firm on one side, and soft on the other! That wide array of styles comes at a price.

After a turn through the first establishment, Paul noticed a dead mouse on the floor. We did a double-take because we see plenty of realistic mouse cat toys. But this was, in fact, an ex-mouse. On the way back to the car he spotted an unfired .45 bullet. This was not a bad neighborhood, folks.

Off down the road to another place. Their prices were lower, but we didn't see anything that interested us. And at both places the sales folks seemed particularly uninterested. To be fair, the second shop seemed understaffed, but we were at least acknowledged there.

Went to the third shop - oops, it was the same chain as the first. We knew about their prices. And we figure the mouse and the bullet were special deals not offered at that location.

Back to another place we'd spotted along the way. They were also short-handed, but we were greeted promptly as we walked in the door and given the soft (not firm) sell. The lady took the time to explain the technical details of each mattress we looked at, and what you got for the price. Also, she talked a little with us about how that bit of furniture has changed since we bought our last one.

She made a sale.

The new dog kennels will arrive on Monday. This gives us tomorrow to get in the back bedroom and clean and prepare the bed frame. We live in an old house where nothing is level. Our purchase tomorrow will be a set of height-adjustable casters for our bed frame so we can get the bed level.

My cunning plan is to get in and do some other cleaning and reorganization. Of course, Paul said, as long as I don't clog up my lungs with dust and have to go through what I did over the holidays. I must remember to wear a mask.
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