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Still working hard on the photo moves

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The process is taking some time. This is yet another thing I've learned about my photography: The organization process I'd set up isn't as good as I thought. Tagging is going to go a long way towards helping that. When I'm finished it won't shouldn't matter what folder I've stuck a picture in as long as I can search for the tags. Still, I need to do better.

As I'm moving pictures between Flickr and Zooomr I'm resizing everything to 500 pixels on a side (this is how I display them in the blog) and putting some sort of visible watermark on them.

I've had a few pictures end up elsewhere, but there was no commercial use that I was aware of. Usually stuff just gets hotlinked. If I want to get serious about selling my photography I need to protect what I have. I know some wonderful photographers (wonderful people who shoot amazing pictures) who aren't as concerned about copyright, and I don't have a problem with that. I've been screwed over just enough times to make me far more cautious and protective of my work, I guess.

Geez, it sounds like I'm turning into a cynical old lady.

With that I'll hit the sack. The migration can wait another day.

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