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Not in the best of moods today

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We're about fed up with our cellular phone service. Every time we call about an issue we get a different answer. The store says one thing; the people at the phone bank say another. We're ready to ditch, but it looks like we can't do that until April. Grr.


Woke up to not one but TWO kitty "gifts" this morning. They seem to be shedding more with the heat which seems to lead to more hairballs. Lovely. Absolutely lovely.

And then...I've spent the better part of a couple of weeks working on a new web site feature (not here). Debugging, testing, you know. Finally got it stable and made the announcment. It was like having a party and no one bothered to come. I hate working my flippin' tail off on something (a feature, a story, anything) that people ask for only to get a reaction of deafening silence.

I'm starting to wonder why I bother.

Sorry, it's been that kind of a week. Between all the cr@p I've put up with in dealing with the cell phone company over the last couple of months, the stomach bug, the work that's blown back up in my face for one reason or another, I suppose I have a right to be a little morose.

I'm looking forward to getting out of town this weekend. Maybe a change of scenery will do me some good. With that in mind we got the oil changed today. That's another thing I hate. They're always pushy about their extra services, some of which we can do ourselves for a lot less. Yep, we do DIY when we can on the car. I get someone else to change the oil these days because it's a pain to recycle the oil and filters otherwise. And now that I have asthma, do I really want to be under the car in the heat, changing oil? No, thank you.

It's about time to start dinner, so I'd better run along. No picture again. Too hot. I do have a story to post, just so you know I haven't been entirely slacking off.

I've still got things to get ready for SoonerCon this weekend, plus my RoundRobin entry.

Update: Weeeell. We decided to give the cell phone company one last shot and drove to the local store. Long story short: Someone at the store says one thing; customer service says another. One incompetent person after another. It wears you down, belive me. Anyway, we hit the gold mine tonight, and I mean gold. W. was excellent. He fixed most of our problems including one that's been nagging us for months. You bet that I came right home and wrote a very nice e-mail to customer service. They'll probably call with a survey anyway, and we intend to give the guy high marks. The other nagging issue can't be fixed for a couple more weeks at the earliest, so we'll see about that. But for now I'm feeling much better about the cell phone company.

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