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Catching Up ... Sorta

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wow. I don't know that I've blogged a lot this week. Posted a lot of photos, made some improvements to the web site, but not much else.

I've been busy behind the scenes, working on the site and other projects. The other projects aren't anything very special. One is the ongoing conversion of many paper documents to electronic form. Slow going, but necessary. The other is my portfolio. Chris and I are working on our own respective portfolios. I haven't updated mine in a long time, and he's working on his first one. He's done some very impressive digital work in his art class recently, and he's ready to start putting a hard copy portfolio together. Gee, a mom and son project.

One cat has not been happy with the new box. The source of the issue may be the ramp on the box. Paul removed it and so far no more expressions of displeasure. It's a nice ramp that's designed to grab the bits of litter from the bottom of the paws as the cat exits the box. Someone did not like it, apparently. Oh, well.

More than anything else, I'm simply tired. My body is doing the "you're at that age" thing again. There's not much I can do but just roll with it. The downturn in my business is actually good timing, considering all the crap my body is pulling right now. I know women who are gliding through this time of life. I figure it will pass, and try to remind myself of that as I deal with the seemingly endless hot flashes and sleepless nights.

I suppose it could be worse. I haven't had any urges to kill people - or myself. Hot flashes and sleepless nights are not so bad compared to losing my mind. Of course, I lost that long ago, which may explain some things. ;-)

Ah, well. The grocery store is calling my name. Not really, but I'm out of coffee - a situation that must be recitfied.


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