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And the week ends a little early...

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I probably won't be blogging tomorrow, save for a Feline Friday entry. But watch me prove myself wrong.

I hung through bowling last night ... and my first game was a 234. Then I shot a 177 and a 202 for a 613. Wow.

We took Chris' class ring back for another resize. We took it a couple of months ago and it came back a month later - in a bag with no padding. The bottom edge of the ring was flat. I don't know if that happened in shipping or what. Of course, the place that deals with class rings is only open one day a week for just a few hours, so it requires a trick of scheduling to get there at the right time. The lady was very nice and seemed quite surprised that it was just shipped in a little bag in a Tyvek envelope rather than a box. She also thinks it got sized a little smaller than requested, so she's sending it back. Maybe he'll have the ring back in time for school to start.

Today's entry is short as I have a lot to do in preparation for our workshop this weekend. I do have a picture - at last! That's coming up. If I don't have time to blog tomorrow, have a good weekend.

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