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Shiny New Cat Perch!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I talked about rearranging the living room to accommodate the Kinect. One casualty of the new arrangement was the cat tree. We shut the CatCam off for a while because there was nothing to see but a bare 4X4. We finished the project this past week. Paul has covered the pole in raffia to scratching height and the rest in carpet, and then I sewed a couple of covers for the perches.

Since most of the supplies went on a Home Depot gift card we already had, I didn't feel too bad about splurging for the perches. I purchased what they call Sherpa:  it's a fake sheepskin-type of fabric, but even on sale the price tag made me think twice. I used some leftover curtain fabric for the underside, so the entire thing is a pouch that slips over the wooden perch.

Abby is quite comfortable, as you can see from this picture:

Abbby on the new perch.

The CatCam is back on, too, so if you missed looking at the cats, you can now get your fill again. That is, provided they deign to grace the area with their presence.

Where was Midnight? She was supervising the picture session. Geek Kitty must do these things, you know.

Next big sewing project will be a light blocking curtain that we can pull between the vertical blinds you see behind Abby and the patio door. We have never found a place for the TV that doesn't pick up glare from a window at certain times of the day. That was supposed to be my project for today, but it seems that the fabric was for sale online but not in-store. The clerk checked her computer and said it would be on sale next weekend, though. Instead, I did some more work on the Underwood No. 3 typewriter, including sewing a dust cover. Schedule permitting tomorrow, I'll try and snap a few pics.

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