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Friday, August 24, 2007

Well, we come to the end of a long and tiring week. Looks like Karen found a job. Good for you!

Things are starting to heat up, and I'm not just talking about the temperature outdoors. The panels for FenCon are shaping up, and I'm at work on three other projects that are due Real Soon Now. Plus, I started in on a custom cloak today. (Yes, I am working on it!) Also caught up on laundry and did some much-needed maintenance on the laptop PC. I was forced into it as I needed the computer for a simple task and it was just crawling. I discovered that I'd forgotten to unload some software I'd put on a while back that refused to ever work properly. If I'd have read the notes, I'd have realized that it wasn't designed to work with the version of Windows on the laptop. ::headdesk:: I wondered why Microsoft was pushing me updates for something I'd uninstalled - I hadn't uninstalled it. Doh! That and killing of a couple of services really sped things up.

Hope you've enjoyed some of the pics I've posted this week. I've been pleased at the response to the photo of the sewing machine. That one was a bit of a bear to shoot, but good pictures aren't always easy, I suppose. The machine barely fit into the softbox, and I still had some terrible lighting issues. I think it was worth it in the end.

I'm thinking seriously about an early bed. I've been doing that on Fridays lately. Truth is, I didn't sleep well last night. Nothing was wrong - absolutely nothing. I finished re-reading The Gun Seller and turned out the light and tossed. And turned. And tossed some more. It was just one of those nights when my brain refused to shut down. I finally crashed about 4:00 this afternoon. I went to bed and petted Midnight for about half an hour before I drifted off to sleep. Then Paul came home and it was time for Friday Tex-Mex. Came home and watched a couple of episodes of Firefly (thanks, R.), which pretty much wraps up the week. Not a bad way to wind down. I think I'll find a glass of wine and another book and see if I can sleep tonight.

Have a good week, and thanks for dropping by!

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