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Monday Mumblings enjoys the weather

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Looks like we're headed into our two weeks of fall already. It was cool enough that I made bread today.

Spent the weekend puttering around. It was glorious. Saturday we went to the First Saturday geek flea market. I picked up another typewriter:

2010-10-02 09.16.18.jpg

It's a 1911 Underwood Model 3 with a 14" carriage. I've spent a couple of days cleaning it up and removing a bunch of the rust. I've picked up a ribbon that I think will work, and it still needs to have the mainspring pull cord replaced. But other than that it seems to work.

I'll post a picture of it all cleaned up later this week.

And you know life is boring (just the way I want it right now, honest!) when I get excited about buying a new pair of cheap sunglasses. Ah, yes. Life at the Manor. Never a dull moment.

But it's time for House. More later...

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