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Friday, November 5, 2010

You just KNOW this is going to end in tears.

Tuesday the serpentine belt on Chris' car gave up the ghost. In the rain. Fortunately, he made it home and the car is parked in the driveway until we an fix it this weekend. It's a $20-30 part, depending on the brand, so it isn't the money. It's just a matter of getting the time to replace it.

This means he couldn't drive the car to school, which was no big deal since he didn't have classes on campus Wednesday or Thursday and a regular event he attends Thursdays was not held. I told him he could take my car today. It's just a matter of driving to a different entrance at the school, presenting his ID, and getting issued a day pass.

I'll cut to the chase. It wasn't very long before he returned home, all hot and bothered. It seems the university no longer issues day passes. If he wanted to park another car, he would have to buy a parking permit, which is over $80. Yikes! Okay, fine. I took him to school and suggested he talk to someone at the Bursar's office, because that sounded just plain wrong. Perhaps the student staffing the parking entrance had it wrong.

After I got back I found the parking department web site and well, yes, they provide day passes. There was something about repositionable parking stickers. Now usually when someone advertises a sticker as repositionable, that means it can be moved around a few times while you get it straight, remove any bubbles, and so on. I sent Chris a text message, and  since he had a few minutes available he decided to call the Bursar's office. He got sent straight to voice mail Purgatory, which included a friendly message that he was free to visit the office - which was not at the location given in the announcement. They'd just moved and someone hadn't updated the message.

Cut to the next chase. It turns out they'll put up to three cars on one permit now, and the sticker CAN be moved from car to car. Thank you for making it so crystal clear on  your web site!

Somewhere, Douglas Adams is having a good laugh.

And now it's time for me to wrap up and head back to grab Chris...

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