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Monday Mumblings

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Monday, December 14, 2009

I am dead tired today, having tossed and turned even more than usual for a Sunday night. Part of it was thinking about an appointment I had to make today. The other was waiting to hear back on the fate of a relative who had to be taken to ER. Nothing to worry about on the latter front, it turns out. The appointment? It was with a prospective client.

When I went to get dressed I discovered a run in the last pair of pantyhose. No skirt for me. The top that went best with the slacks I wanted to wear was badly wrinkled, so I decided on a quick run through the rinse cycle and half an hour in the dryer. Only when I went to pull said article of clothing from said modern electric clothes drying convenience it was dripping wet. The shirt, not the dryer. It helps to actually start the appliance. I dug around at the very last second and found another top. I don't have many that go well with that particular pear of slacks. I should remedy that. Of course, once I buy three or four different tops to go with that one article of clothing, I'll manage to catch the slacks on something and rip them to shreds. Such is life.

In the meantime I spent some time talking to aforementioned relative on the phone. Relative is on the mend. Lost my sunglasses. Found the backup pair. Took off for the appointment with plenty of time to spare - and got there early. That's the problem with traffic around here. We never know. I can guarantee you that if I'd been running merely on time or just a smidgen behind that every major arterial route I could have taken would have had all but one lane blocked due to accident or construction.

Did the interview thing, went to Central Market for a little food and a lot of coffee, then came home to finish laundry. Since it was school zone time, I ditched the normal back route through the neighborhood and went down one of the main streets, only to discover that all but one lane was closed due to what the city euphemistically calls "street rehabilitation." Now I know the streets need to dry out after this rain, but isn't rehab a bit overboard? Oh. Half a mile of lane closures to fix three potholes. But of course.

I ought to sleep tonight. Now I need to finish cleaning the desk, finish printing the Catmas cards, pay the bills...

It's only Monday, right?

Update: This is what I get for blogging about traffic tie-ups.

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