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Taking a sick day...

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...and not feeling terribly guilty about it.

Hey, I worked through a good chunk of the weekend, so what is there to feel guilty about?

Don't worry. It's nothing contagious. Partly due to being a woman of "a certain age" and party due to the fact that I did work my tail off over the weekend. My body is telling me to take it easy for a day, and it's right.

Oh, I have some semi-mindless work to do if I really want to do something. And I may yet get something accomplished this afternoon. Something I took to alleviate one symptom is finally kicking in, and I have enough energy to do this, so who knows?

So, while I work hard at not working hard (or something like that), how about if I catch up on a few things?

  • In the Department of Site Updates, please note that I've added a link to the QL convention. (I hear Scott Bakula has actually mentioned the con in the new TV Guide. Cool.)

Well. The phone rang when I hit that point. Between two phone calls and other things to take care of, I never got back to the journal entry. Shame on me.

So what else?

Oh, yes: The camera body is finally on the way (as in showing up on the shipper site) with an anticipated delivery date of Thursday.

I did settle in for a little bit of work around 4. Didn't get a lot done, but now there is no guilt.

Then I watched House. I have one reservation about the diagnosis, but what do I know? I'm a writer, not a doctor. I won't spoil just yet. Speaking of writers (and one who knows a lot more medical stuff than I do) the co-writer of tonight's episode was Doris Egan, who wil be at (plug, plug!) FenCon this fall.

Time to make an attempt at some sleep. Will she get any rest? Betting is now open.


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