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Friday, February 1, 2008

Well, it's been a week, hasn't it? The wind and crud have played havoc with my sinuses, and I've been keeping to the indoors as much as possible.

Yesterday I ordered a refurbished E-500 body. That seemed to be my best option - it's just a tad more than the repair estimate I got from Oly, and it's a better camera. Besides, I'll have a working DLSR sooner, I hope. I'd love an E-510, but that's not in the cards right now. 

I'm still waiting on one advance (the publishing industry moves at glacial speeds) and I still don't have a final check out of the client that shut down last month. Nor do I have a 1099. I'll give them both until Monday, then I'll drive out if I have to. (They're 45 minutes away.)

I keep checking my e-mail (and my online account) to see if the camera has shipped yet. No such luck. I thought about paying for expedited shipping, but it didn't seem worth what they were charging. I have to wonder if some of these folks are making extra bucks off of expedited shipping charges. No, it isn't an eBay seller. It's a brick-and-mortar company that seems to have a decent reputation.

Wow, I still need to shoot something for the 2008 Challenge. I'm sure I can get something interesting with my little Casio.

I've had some fun (not) re-creating some documents that I put together fifteen or so years ago. I learned quite a few tricks during the process of reconstructing the first document, so perhaps the others won't take quite so long. This is one of those things I thought would be interesting to do - and possibly result in a few dollars -  and then it turned out to be far more hassle than it may be worth. But I shall press on.

Back to work. I should really just step away from the computer and turn off my brain for the weekend, but it ain't gonna happen. My desk is still a mess - I have several projects in various stages, but I want to finish this document project before I get back to the pictures. The honkin' huge light box in the middle of my desk is a pretty solid reminder that I have plenty to do on that front. Yet, I'm afraid that if I put the documents project on hold that I'll forget about it until too late.

Thanks for dropping by, and have a good weekend!


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