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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I did manage to sleep better last night. Much rejoicing. Today is shaping up to be one bizarre thing after another. It began yesterday when my mail didn't show up. When I found out that a package was on the way to me, I decided I'd better hold my mail while I was away for the weekend. I thought I'd selected the option to pick up the mail on my return rather than have it delivered. Just to be safe I waited until a couple hours past the normal mail delivery time ("normal" being a relative term when it comes to the mail) and then went to pick up my stuff. There was nothing waiting for me, and the supervisor suggested that it might be with the carrier. And by the way, my mail would be late because they had to split the route. My mail did eventually show up sometime after five - but no package. The sender used online tracking, so I went to the USPS site to check the status - apparently it had been delivered on Friday, when no one was home and my mail delivery was supposed to have been on hold.

I am NOT a happy camper. I'll wait for the mail to show up today and then go back to the Post Office, paperwork in hand, and ask what the heck is going on. I really didn't want that package sitting on my porch for three days. Right now there is a lot of activity in the neighborhood: The house next door is being renovated, the city is doing landscape work in the median, and we have the dueling ISPs doing upgrades - not to mention that we had Spring Break. I'm not about to suggest that a contractor took the package, but I do wonder if the extra activity around the neighborhood didn't provide a good cover for someone to swipe the box. The package could have been taken at night as well. Of course, it's not a done deal that the package was stolen; it may yet show up today. This is yet another frustration with the mail delivery problems in the neighborhood. Just don't get me started on the "special" neighbors who think it's okay to block my mailbox, okay?

I heard back from the hosting company on my Asp.Net 2.0 problems. They did indeed have a configuration issue with the server, but my pages still blow up. This probably means pilot error, which means that I have to get down and dirty with the application and figure out what I've done wrong.

I'm still playing catch up with other things that have slipped behind while I was out of town. You know, it was nice to get away, but it's the inevitable rush to get caught up that kills me.

Oh, yes: And I have some e-mails noting an error on HouseFans.net. One more thing to fix. At least I got all of the laundry out of the way last night. And there was much rejoicing.

I need to find a picture yet, plus I want to comment on Karen's comments to my first writing post of yesterday. You know, the barely coherent one. Maybe I'll make more sense after I've had some more coffee!

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