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Holy moly! The humidity today is thick enough to slice with a knife. When I walk outdoors it's like getting slapped in the face with a warm, wet towel.

The local forecasters are taunting us with a chance of rain tonight and highs in - dare I speak it - the lower 90's over the weekend. Right now? 104.9F (40.5C) with a heat index of 106F (41C). Honestly? It feels like 127F (52C if you're playing along elsewhere) because I've been cleaning the bathroom all afternoon. That, and running errands.

I had the audacity to run out of food. Terrible of me, I know. That necessitated a run to the grocery store to buy foods that required the least amount of heat to cook. I grabbed a couple of sandwiches to go from the deli department, too. No cooking for lunch! Then I realized it was time to torture the cat.

All three of the folks who follow this journal regularly understand that the word "torture" is purely from the POV of the cat. Abby has allergies, and she breaks out on her belly. Of course, it itches, so she bites and scratches at it and ... you get the idea. This requires treatments with medicated shampoo and a spray with steroids and antibiotics. Of course, if you're a cat, the last thing you want is for one human to grab you and stand you on the end of your hind legs on the countertop while the other rubs stuff on your belly and then sprays you with a thing that makes hissing noises. Of course she sees it as torture.

As I was wiping the counter down after the session, I noticed the shower stall could use a scrub. Naturally, I was out of scrubbers. So it was back to the store. I returned with supplies, did the cleaning, then decided the shower curtain liner had seen better days. By this point I was hot and gasping for breath. I had plenty of air flow going, but using harsh cleansers really isn't a job for Asthma Girl. I am a masochist. Chris ran me out to Target, where I picked up a new liner and a half a metric ton of seed for the Cat Entertainment Center (that's the bird feeder to we mere humans). Chris decided he needed a new pen for the new school year, and I decided I needed more cleaning supplies.

I filled the Cat Entertainment Center, hung the shower curtain, scrubbed the sink in the bathroom, and called it good.

So here I sit, out of breath. I think I'll find a place go chill out. The office ain't it.

Oh, and thanks to the Plano DMN Blog for giving "Two of the Deadliest" a mention yesterday. I appreciate it. It's about time that the book may start showing up in the wild. If you see it, snap a picture with your cellphone and embed it in a comment. Thanks!


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