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Well, That Wasn't As Painful As I Was Expecting

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Next weekend I'm going on the road. I always like to give the car a once-over in advance of a road trip, just to be sure. This time happened to coincide with the need for an oil change, so I went down to the place, cringing all the time. You see, I figured it would also be time for an air filter, a PVC filter, and a God knows what else they'd try to stick me with. That's the way it always happens when I'm about to go on the road. 

Shock. Surprise. I only got hit for the oil change. Then they got entirely reasonable with me and told me that I didn't need another oil change for 5,000 miles. They always put in a sticker that says three months or 3,000 miles. Only the manufacturer recommendation on this car is 5,000. Oh, and they told me I get free top-ups on fluids at any time during the next 6 months/5,000 miles. Of course, I sprung for the expensive high-mileage oil change. My car is in high mileage territory, and it does seem the more expensive oil helps. And really, it's not THAT more expensive. Maybe a buck a quart. Big whoop.

Then I decided to run down the street to the grocery store for gas. It's a Kroger, and they give gas discounts for loyalty card holders. The cheap place I usually go had raised their prices, so I decided to go get the discount. Surprise! Their regular price was eight cents a gallon LESS than the place I usually go. When I scanned my loyalty card I was informed I'd earned a ten cent a gallon discount. Twist my arm.

I divide my grocery shopping between there and a store closer to where I live. I prefer the prices at the other store, but they don't carry the coffee we like, nor do they carry a couple of sundries we prefer. Both stores have competing fuel discounts, but the store closest to me doesn't have a gas station. I have to go across town. However, I'm very close to getting the magic buck a gallon discount. Shiny! I'll save that for the road trip.

Yeah, yeah. I don't shop at these stores for the fuel discounts. I shop because they're convenient. The store closer to me also has decent prices. The fuel thing is just an extra. It doesn't compel me to shop at once place or another, really.

Gosh, it's Friday. I wonder if I can coax a cat out of a cool hiding spot for a picture?

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